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Birthing Class: Hospital or Not?

When preparing for labor, most new moms, myself included, want to take some sort of class for preparation.  You know, the one where you learn to breathe and watch a ton of videos of all types of births.  Since I work at an integrated health office I am getting adjusted regularly, taking all the right herbs, and exercising.  But even though I am a doctor, this time I am the patient and it is super important that I get mentally prepared.

I really like the classes that are offered at Harmony and Blossom Birth.  Harmony Birth is located in Campbell and Blossom Birth is located in Palo Alto.  They both have amazing instructors.  I chose the “Birthing from Within Class” based on the book by Pam England.  The book is inspiring and has many quirky tales.  First of all, I like the philosophy of accepting your birth experience no matter how it goes and not beating yourself up about what may or may not happen. Secondly, the teacher, Rowen Holland is a mid-wife with an excellent reputation and lots of experience. I wanted a class that went over all the scenarios so I could mentally prepare if my birth doesn’t go according to plans.  The class is 6 weeks (2.5 hours a week) on Wednesday nights. If you do choose this non-hospital affiliated class, read Pam England’s book “ Birthing from Within”, at least parts of it.

I like to be taught when I am not the doctor, but instead the happy patient.

To check out the local class list visit:

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