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Boswellia – Boswellia Serrata (mainly Beta-boswellic acid)

As a doctor, I am not supposed to have favorite patients and I really don’t, but I do have favorite vitamins, minerals and Herbs. Today I am sharing one of my most favorite anti-inflammatory herbs and I think you will see why it is such a rock star. One of the main reasons it is that people usually have very few allergies to this compound so It can be used for so many different people.

This is an Ayurvedic herb that comes from a large branching tree native to India, and it produces an exudative gum resin known as salai guggul. This resin has been classically used for arthritis and joint pain for centuries.

Boswellia works by the inhibition of inflammatory mediators, inhibit leukotrienes release, Decreased GAG synthesis (Glycosaminoglycan) and improves the blood supply to joints. GAG’s are linear polysaccharides that are negatively charged and have widespread function in the body and help with cell signaling when there is a need for healing and wound repair. However, they can get kicked into overdrive and that means causing an auto-immune reaction. This herb can be anti-allergic, dampen cancer activity and reduce the reaction of auto-immune cells even mast cells.

Therapeutic uses of Boswellia are:

  1. Asthma – dosage 300mg 3x a day

  2. IBS or IBD (irritable bowel syndrome or irritable bowel disease) 350mg 3x a day.

  3. Osteoarthritis 400mg 3x a day.

  4. Anti-cancer and tumors effects – there have been studies from 126mg per day for up to 4200mg 26months to be helpful.

  5. Ulcerative Colitis – dosage 900 mg per day

  6. Crohn’s – Dosage 2400mg per day 52 weeks but doesn’t seem to help with remission.

****ALL these dosages are based on studies done and NONE are the dosage a patient should take without speaking to a doctor. ****

I will end by saying two of my favorite uses for Boswellia is to take 2 caps daily for chronic inflammation and frequent allergies. Many of my patients find it very helpful. I also highly recommend it for patients suffering from Auto-immune disease to help keep symptoms and flair-ups from interfering with their daily activities.

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