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Homeopathy for Owie's and BooBoo's.

How do you feel when you or your child has gotten injured? For me, it makes me feel like I somehow failed and the stress makes me a little antsy. I want to take away the hurt and make their little bodies heal faster. I love to come up with solutions to lessen the pain and the most common solution to make those big tears go away is of course the mighty Band-Aid and/or a booboo pack (aka an ice pack). But as a chiropractor who treats lots of pediatrics, I learned early in my career the power of homeopathy. Today I am sharing with you my doctor and mommy solutions for treating an injured person. I said person because while I use these remedies on my kids the most in our household, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t good for adults too.

  1. Arnica 200k for bruising, swelling and pain -3 pellets 4x a day.

    1. This also comes in a topical for that works really well for pain and speeds healing.

  2. Staphysagria 200k for any cuts or laceration -3 pellets 2x a day

  3. Ignatia Armara 200k if there is excessive crying and hysteria due to an injury that was both physically and emotionally scary. Also works when having to attend an event that is very emotional like a funeral (it helps in the processing).

  4. Pulsitilla 200k for anxiety if the event has to come up again like getting back on a bike after a fall.

  5. Inflammyar – one of my favorite topical homeopathic products that has several amazing ingredients such as:

    1. Arnica – pain relief, bruising, swelling, muscle pain

    2. Bryonia cretica – muscle and joint pain that gets better with rest

    3. Bellis perenis – injuries to deeper tissue such is the case of falls or car accidents

    4. Rhus Toxicondreon – joint pain

    5. Ledum palustre – puncture wounds or wounds in general

  6. Hypericum Perforatum 200k for nerve pain and pinches.

When my little one took a fall this last week and lacerated her thigh and had lots of bruising, I immediately gave arnica and staphysagria. It was lacerated so I didn’t put any ointment on it, but I did make sure to keep it clean to avoid infection. And with kids it is amazing how quickly they will heal. So if you need any of these items, they can be ordered on our online dispensary ( . If you want help deciding which to keep in your medicine cabinet, please contact your doctor or our office for recommendations.

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