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How to get your Kids to like the Outdoors

Families do well with facing physical challenges. These challenges can be some of the best memories a kid will have when they grow up.  Camping and hiking are some of the least expensive and healthiest activities a family can do.

We love camping and hiking as a family but we think that if you are going to start camping and hiking,  you need some tips to make it fun for your kids as well:

Remember Basic Needs:  enough food, water and clothing and plan rest times.

Limit Inconveniences:  Plan ahead for weather and bring necessary gear for rain or sun so that the kids are comfortable during the hike.

Find the activity you like:  Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t like because the kids will know and they won't have fun either. If you like hiking, go hiking; don’t make yourself go camping or canoeing if it’s not your favorite activity.

Location:  Vary your destination and make sure to choose locations based on the weather and which ones are the most fun for everyone.

Add Joy:  Add elements into your trip that you enjoy, like a swim in a waterfall or a rock climb. Doing things you look forward to will add extra fun for the kids as well.

Moments of Wonder:  Nature and the outdoors can inspire our spiritual natures and kids will benefits from this long term.

Special Goals for Hiking:  Outdoor games and buying kids their own backpacks or outdoor gear can get them to buy-in on the hiking process and helps them to take ownership of events.

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