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I have always loved lemons for their sour taste but one of the best things about my love of sour things is that they’re health packed into this wonderful citrus fruit. I have always loved to make salad dressings with lemon, add lemon in a marinade on meats, drink lemonade or in add it to my water. So, as we get closure to citrus season, here are some great health benefits of lemons and how to eat them.


  • It promotes hydration

  • It is a great source of Vitamin C

  • It helps detoxify the liver

  • It freshens breath

  • It aids in digestion

  • It can help prevent kidney stones

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease

  • Vitamin C can help with cholesterol management also

  • Vitamin C will also help you absorb iron, so it prevents anemia.

Compounds in Lemons

  • 1 lemon provides about 31 mg of vitamin C, which is 51% of the reference daily intake (RDI).

  •  D-limonene, a compound found in lemon oil has anti-cancer properties.

Best ways to eat lemons:


  1. 1.5 cups monk fruit sweetener

  2. 4.5 cups filtered water

  3. 1.5 cups fresh lemon juice about 10 lemons

  4. Fresh mint & blueberries optional

    1. Add the monk fruit and 1.5 cups of water to a small pot. Cook over medium heat until the sweetener is dissolved, about 5 minutes. Turn heat off pot and let cool to room temperature or add some ice if you want to cool it quickly.

    2. Meanwhile, juice 1.5 cups of lemon juice in a bowl or pitcher add 3 cups of water to it. Add 1 cup of the simple syrup and check for seasoning. I find this is the perfect balance, but if you want it sweeter, add the remaining 1/2 cup of simple syrup (which you made with the water and monk fruit). To serve, muddle or smash some blueberries and mint in the bottom of a glass using a fork, pour in some ice, and top with sugar free lemonade. Enjoy!

Love the use of monk fruit since it has a lower glycemic than sugar.

Immune Boosting drink which I use for sore throats:

  1. 8 ozs of warm water

  2. 2 tsp of lemon juice – Vitamin C

  3. Dash or two of Cayenne pepper or hot sauce put in as much as you can handle.

  4. 1 tsp. honey to help coat the throat and let the lemon and capsaicin help kill the bacteria.

Lemon Water:

8oz of water and a squeeze of lemon in the water will help with digestion and also mildly detoxify the body. Also, it’s really yummy in either still or sparkling water.

Lemon Oil:

You can use 1 drop of lemon essential oil in any recipe that calls for 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. It can also be mixed in with salad dressing and desserts that ask for lemon.

So, whether you use lemon juice in marinades, dressing or in your drink you can always benefit from the extra vitamin C and D-Limonene. Nature is so awesome that its health benefits are never confined to one area or one thing. It always multitasks. Eat a lemon and get immune boosting or anti-cancer help now! That is an amazing fruit and also one of my favorites.

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