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Doctor Check up, but who Cares?

So My next doctor’s Check up that occurred is more to make sure that my body is in working order and that the baby isn’t distressed.  They do vaginal check up if there are any signs of bleeding or cramping.  I had neither of these, which is good.  They also do a heart monitor check up and the baby’s heart rate was 150 bpm.  This is a very healthy heart rate and very common for babies here is the range normal; 120-180bpm.  The heart starts beating at 5 weeks and it is around 80-90 bpm for a short period then it almost triples to the heart rate it will have through the rest of the pregnancy.    They also check and measure the uterus from the base of the pubic symphsis to the top of the belly also called the fundus and this will give a guess of how long the baby is.   Usually the length corresponds to about the number of weeks you are.  So I was at Week 24 and the baby was 22 centimeters long.    So far healthy and progressing as expected.

Next up will be my Glucose tolerance test.

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