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Review of Pregnancy Apps

My View of Pregnancy Phone Applications:

1.What to Expect App:

*Love About it:  The video’s and the healthy tips are great.

*Least Favorite:  This is an application that costs to update to the fullversion and it can be overwhelming that they do a running check listof all the things you can possibly do.


*Love About it:  The graphics are great and it was rated by Time magazine as the best pregnancy application.  I believe that this is due to the fetal development pictures and I did love this.

*Least Favorite:  Cost is expensive but it does seem to have better graphics.

3.WebMD Pregnancy:

*Love about it:  It was super geeked out with things mom can track from appointments, to work-outs and what they need to get ready on a weekly basis.

*Least Favorite:  The information provided was lacking and it was also a little heavy in pushing medical procedures that may not be necessary for mom’s depending on their age and condition.

4.Pregnancy +:

*Loved about it:  It had nice pictures and easy to use icon’s.

*Least Favorite:  It had limited and kind of boring information for mom’s to be overall and I felt like a new mom needs a little more excitement as she is excited about her new child’s birth.

5.My Pregnancy:

*Loved about it:  It was in the form of a check-list and I am a busy mom that likes check-lists and organization.

*Least Favorite:  The layout was not done by week but day by dad and I found it visually very busy and a little confusing.  Also for me a little too much parenting advice and it all centered around buying things for your baby.

6.Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro:

*Love About it: The baby image size and they give basic information about each week and what to expect.  They also give fun tips for dad.  This is my favorite for its simplicity and ability to not over suggest medical procedures.  I followed it for my first pregnancy and with the 2nd pregnancy I am still enjoying the application.

*Not my Favorite:  The emphasis on sharing with a larger community and some of the shopping features.  I think that you are bombarded enough with the urge to purchase un-necessary items.

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