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Valentines day... A Teachable moment!

While Valentine's day is not my favorite day, I still like it. Valentine's day is a day that not all people like for various reasons. It may remind them of something bad or they just don’t feel strongly about it. My favorite part of Valentine's day are the treats and gifts given to people and myself by family members, girl friends and my children. My husband and I get each other something small; I love his cards but we don’t go crazy and make it stressful for either one of us. But I will tell you my husband is also one of the most important parts of Valentines for our family and let me explain why shortly.

As a family Valentine’s day can be a moment to stop thinking about ourselves and instead do things to be thoughtful to others. It’s a day to educate our children and maybe even ourselves on thoughtfulness, Valuable Lesson number one on Valentines!

Lesson number two; it helps children with practice on writing letters to family members. This can be very valuable as sending letters is an adult life skill and kids love sending those letters through the mail. If they are able to write, have them put the address on the envelope and put the stamp in the correct location. Having your child learn their own address is a very important life safety skill which teaches them who they should tell this address to in an emergency, and who not to tell it to.

Lesson Number three; a time to remember the grandparents and great-grandparents. We may always get the loveliest presents from these members of our family but it is important to be grateful and remember what a blessing these members of our family are and how much many of them have sacrificed to give them the beautiful life we now live.

Lesson Number four; teaching children about relationships. This is where my wonderful husband shines. We have two little girls and one of our greatest hopes is that they find a wonderful husband someday who will treat them with respect and love. My husband brings me a little something like flowers or a favorite candy treat. He also brings the girls a little something. Last year he gave us all bath bombs which we loved. By doing this simple act, he is showing his girls that they are remembered by bringing them something he knows they love, not something that he loves.

With all these valuable lessons, I can’t help but practice the act of love and thoughtfulness on Valentine’s Day. Each year we make bags for our patients which lets them know how appreciated they are in our lives. So, if you don’t love Valentine’s day maybe this blog will change your mind just a little.

Happy Valentines Thoughtfulness day from Farm Girl!!

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