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A Common Sense Lifestyle and Health Blog
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I'm Jenny Walker, D.C. farm girl, Family Chiropractor and common sense collector. I created this space to share remedies. Helpful trends/products and common sense medicine that average busy families can use and implement.

Growing up in rural America on a 120 acres Family Farm. I was blessed by the wisdom the older generations of my family shared. I was a sponge and loved soaking up knowledge such as home remedies that have been around forever. Family values and how to apply logic whether dealing with crop issues or cancer treatment. I use this early common sense education in my busy Family Chiropractic practice and at home with my two beautiful daughters and husband. With over 10 years of experience in Practice and many more as a farm girl, I love hard to treat patients and nursing sick plants back to health. This blog is dedicated to integration of common sense in life. Medicine and mothering and I am so glad you are checking us out.

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