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Blood Sugar Issues and Pregnancy

Let’s face it. When you’re pregnant sometimes you feel good and sometimes not so good.  In my case the morning sickness has been difficult which means that gaining weight has also been difficult.  I like to see most patients gain somewhere between 25-35lbs over the course of the pregnancy with some exceptions in the case of multiple births or with very slender expectant moms.  Unfortunately I haven’t been reaching my weight gain milestones and I also noticed I was feeling my blood sugar fluctuate a bit. I started to take Chromium (one of the minerals safe during pregnancy), which has been helping tremendously.  It not only eases morning sickness but also prevents and treats blood sugar issues and gestational diabetes.  Another benefit is that it helps manage stress issues, which is welcome for most women! 

As a doctor (and now as a patient) this is my favorite Chromium supplement.

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