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First Cold and Flu

Babies inevitably will catch a bacteria or virus.  In breast fed babies it occurs later in their life because they have mom’s immunity and antibodies fighting for them.  When they do get sick, it is important to know the difference between a bacteria cold or a cold virus for treatment purposes.  They are subtle differences, which your doctor will diagnose for you.  It’s important because it will let you know whether or not having a child on antibiotics (if you decide to go that route) is not only a waste of time but actually can be harmful as it kills all the babies’ good probiotics in their intestinal tract which causes constipation or diarrhea and makes them more susceptible to future infection or yeast over-growth in their body. 

Zara got her first cold after 2 weekends at large family gatherings.  After examining her, I realized she had the bacterial kind so I mixed her a tincture at the office and gave it to her mixed in rice cereal 3 times a day for 1 week.  You may not always want to come running to our office for a herbal biotic or anti-viral, so here are 3 general ones that I keep in my medicine cabinet for infants:

  1. Pharmaceutical Grade: Rose-hips - bacteria and virus

  2. Pharmaceutical Grade: Sambucus Elderberry Syrup - bacteria

  3. Pharmaceutical Grade: Acer Campestrae – virus and slight bacteria

Please make sure and consult your doctor for dosing based on your child’s size and age; this can make the difference on the remedy working or not.  You may also want advice on which remedies work best for which aliment.  I also employ homeopathic remedies for illnesses such as fever and body aches to help the little one sleep or reduce pain if necessary.  

We can supply you with these in our office.

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