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How to fly during a Pandemic

As the pandemic rages on, we may not be able to choose when to travel due to family members in need. Many people have aging parents, some are even widowed that means they need assistance that can’t wait out our pandemic. So here is how to fly safely with as little risk to the family you are visiting and your immediate family and vector circle at home as possible. Here are my pandemic or flu season flying tips:

  1. Expect to buy water, since all the water filling stations will be closed in the airport.

  2. Pack your own lunch and snacks since many restaurants in the airport are not open yet and have shortened hours so you can’t count on them or they have extremely long lines for the ones that are open.

  3. Double bag your snacks. Snacks are the number one reason a bag will get pulled at the security checkpoint and this is the most contaminated vector. So Double bag your snacks and remove them yourself by placing them in a bin and then throw away the outer bag once you are through security.

  4. Wipe down the seats at the gate that you will sit on, these don’t get wiped as often as the airplane seats do.

  5. Wipe down all luggage after going through security , if you are doing carry-on or wipe luggage after getting it from the checked baggage belt.

  6. Take children to the bathroom with you to make sure they don’t touch anything.

  7. Pack zinc lozenges 21 mg and take once you arrive at your destination for 2 days.

  8. Still shelter in place as much as possible in your new destination only limiting your outings to mandatory ones.

  9. Spray face and nostrils with Potassium iodine once you land to kill virus you may have been exposed to during the trip.

  10. Remove clothing you wore at the airport upon arrive to family or back home and wash, shower and change.

  11. Limit contact prior to being around family and get a COVID-19 test 7 days before your travel.

  12. Wear a mask in the airport and plane and don’t remove till in the car heading home.

  13. Children under 11 should wear gloves can be cloth winter gloves that you wash when you arrive. It is a physical reminder for them to not touch things.

****We also used "Magic School Bus" episodes to keep them sitting and not moving.***

The airlines are doing their best to keep us safe on the planes and the above plan is the best we can do in bad circumstances to be safe and take care of loved ones. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint so hang in there. The above plan is the one our family had to follow to take care of a family member.

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