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Aaachoooooo! Allergy Season anyone?

Allergy Season with less allergy medication.

So I never had Hay fever or seasonal allergies and a few years ago (I am now on my 3rd allergy season) I developed allergies. I have since researched and found that allergies are not all that uncommon to develop in the mid to late thirties (guilty of this age group). Well at first you feel that you must have been exposed to something because you have never had them before, but then you start to realize that this is not going away and you now have a new reality which is; “I have allergies, Yes me!” So, what do you do about it?

I have always had family members who suffered with very severe allergies which is amazing to people since we are a farming family and being outside in the pollen is part of farming life. People with allergies do some of the same basic things:

  1. Avoid outside time during peak seasons (that is if you aren’t a farmer)

  2. Take allergy medication when they have to (most common Zyrtec, Allegra and Claritin)

  3. Avoid Dairy (milk products from a cow) this causes a spike in a lot of allergy sufferers symptoms

  4. Having an air purifier (types seem to vary)

So where was I supposed to start with my journey? I got the air purifier and I tried several varieties, but finally chose the Conway brand (this has seemed to work well for my daughter and me). Medical grade purifiers work great also but be prepared to spend about 1 thousand dollars and then have to replace filters for 300$ per year. Secondly, I started taking large doses of Vitamin C which has been shown to help with the vasculature of the respiratory tract and reduce symptoms (3,000mg daily). I also started practicing what they call allergy hygiene and they means mowing the lawn with a mask on and wearing a hat that is removed in the garage that helps keep pollen from falling directly on my face. These three things seemed to help, but it didn’t mean that I didn’t have days when I needed Allegra pills or an occasional Benadryl. But I decided my goal was to need them as little as possible and still have a good quality of life. Here is my current daily allergy regiment.

  1. Hist-Aid By Quicksilver Scientific I do 4 pumps, 2 times a day. It is stronger without food. This product has both Vitamin C and Quercetin to help modulate my immune reaction thereby helping my body not over-react to an allergen. (Can be found on our online dispensary ( If you are looking for it, and if you need an invite just email us at and we can get you an account for lots of natural products.

  2. Vitamin C 1,000mg daily 2 chewable capsules I like some of the chewable options on I stay away from the gummies since they are higher in sugar and you have to take a lot more.

  3. Curcumin, 2 capsules daily of a sustained release kind from Thorne Research called Meriva-SF this helps reduce overall inflammation.

  4. Reduce Dairy products and with all the good substitutes out there I really don’t miss it other than a cheese cake for my birthday.

  5. Take a shower and wash my hair after yard work and yes this is harder on people with long hair because it is a lot more work.

  6. Tulsi tea, 1 cup steeped for 8 minutes to help wheezing or asthma like symptoms. (I added this because I had this after a hard flu year a while back and I got reactive airway disease and it really helps. Fortunately, I don’t need it much anymore).

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