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Animals need Chiropractors too...

See Dr. Jackie Casab adjusting our 10 year old dog "Bailey Ho."

Typically we take your dogs and cats to at least an annual checkup, but did you know that you should think about taking them to the animal chiropractor also? This may seem crazy to lots of people - why would an animal ever need a chiropractor? Reason number one they have a spine just like we do and even more simplistic is that they have pain like we do also. But how do I know if my animal needs an appointment and when should you go?

  1. Go annually from when they are a puppy or kitten. It will keep them in tip top shape but the more common-sense reason is then they are used to an adjustment before they are really in pain so that it is not frightening. Most humans and animals need time to get used to things.

  2. Dogs should make a figure 8 shape with their behind where their tail attaches and if their movement looks different than that shape, they need to get adjusted.

  3. Trouble getting up from their bed. This can be anything from a serious issue to a sprain for your fur-baby.

  4. They are having some balance issues and are swaying back and forth when walking, an adjustment can help with balance.

  5. Chronic ear infections can be from a buildup of fluid in the ears, allergies or a host of many things; the adjustment allows for more proper drainage which reduces the incident of more serious infections.

  6. Your dog takes a fall out of the car or while walking. They get injured just like we do.

  7. Your cat can’t hold up its tail, the animal tail is attached to their sacrum and it is helpful to get aligned and their balance will be greatly improved after adjustment.

So our “puppy” (10 years old) has been having some behind pain and it was causing her to stand like a cowboy on a horse for too many hours. This posture was a sign to me to checked since I could tell her sacrum was out of adjustment, plus her thoracic spine and even a bone in the neck were out as well. She also was not moving in a figure 8 position when walking and seemed like getting up and being in a sit position were more uncomfortable for her. So, when I the human chiropractor felt these mis-alignments, I looked at her and said you’re out, but I need a special chiropractor to fix you. In chiropractic, we have specialties just like MD’s and a post-doctorate in animal chiropractic is one of them. So, we called doctor Jackie Casab to help our baby and she has now had 2 visits and feeling much better. So, if you see a dog or cat in pain think chiropractic!!

***Fun fact - the most common animals to be adjusted are horses and dogs, but even zoo animals get adjusted.

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