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Art For All Children

I have always loved art and have highly encouraged art in our house hold as well as crafts. This article isn’t about crafts though, because crafts have a finished end product and art is the process itself one never really knows when it is quiet finished. I recently went to a lecture on art were they shared the stages of art development and you will see them as follows. I have also included art supplies list that was recommend to help with expanding your child’s learning and appreciation of art. Stages of Art in a Child’s Life Stage 1 scribbling stage process and action 1-2 years marks and scribbles gesture drawing random and free 2-3 years circular movement circles Stage 2 symbolic stage things ideas feelings 3 years pilliwog figure circle with lines 3+ years add second circle arms and legs 4 years details body part and clothing 4-5 drawing or telling stories, work out problems, exaggerate sun symbol 5-6 years landscapes composition new symbols and elements Stage 3 realistic stage Represent real images 7-8 years desire to make things look real rigid details lots of often frustrating 10-12 realism cartooning complexity details and genes we different Art Supply Recommendations Bees wax can mold and not messy Paint - think of sponges and brushes use different applicators Crayons better than markers due to increase strength have to push harder and pushing more textures Markers Sand or snow can be a pallet Clay or play dough and demential. Lots of un-interrupted Time Here are Zara and Allegra busy at art as well as some art work. Notice the stages they are in.

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