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Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

If you have a child that is 18-36 months and loves discovering and drawing, this is my favorite time to start them in the art world.  One of the many suggestions that is suggested is to get an art easel. They are fast and easy to clean up.  I have found that Zara likes to use the water color markers more than chalk as the colors are more dramatic.  

Here are a list of fun kid’s art products other than drawing.

Finger paint – Wonder paper has a version that uses alcohol to activate the colors so there is almost no mess to clean up.

Body tracing and coloring that makes a life size replica of the child. Zara loves this!

Marble painting – take a marble, dip it in paint, then drop it into a cardboard box that has a paper taped to the bottom and roll it around and the marble creates the art.

Paper Face bags are fun but you may have to do the glueing depending on your child's age.

Make cards for Grandparents  - use your child's previous drawings or paintings and cut them into shapes and have your child glue them on a card to send to the grandparents.  Zara did this for Valentines day

Cork Printing – take old wine bottle corks and press into paint then onto the paper to make different designs. Make sure to use non toxic paints.

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