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B Vitamins so helpful in all areas of life.

During anytime of crisis, a few things will happen: brain fog hits, we get sleepy and fatigued, and we don’t function very well. When energy levels plummet, we naturally self medicate by eating more sugar, drinking more caffeine and alcohol to sleep better at night. Any of these previous habits sound healthy??? Well probably not and the reason is - you are self-medicating but not for the right reasons. When we are stressed, brain issues or nerve issues the B vitamin is the most common that is depleted. Here are the most common symptoms;

  1. Age-related Cognitive decline

  2. Fatigue

  3. Anemia

  4. Poor thyroid function

  5. Cracking and scaling skin

  6. Digestive problems

  7. Anxiety

  8. Depression

  9. Tingling in the hands and feet

  10. Poor memory

  11. Loss of appetite

So after these symptoms occur then what should you take to bring those levels back up?

Take a vitamin complex with cofactors such as folate and biotin. B6 is more important for stress and brain fatigue so sometimes it is necessary to take a B6 plus complex rather than just complex itself.

Foods to eat when you are deficient in B Vitamins:

  1. Organ meats

  2. Whole grains

  3. Brewers yeast

  4. Blackstrap Molasses

  5. Mushrooms

  6. Soy

  7. Seeds

  8. Nuts

  9. Fish

  10. Carrots

  11. Brown Rice

  12. Lentils

  13. Sweet Potatoes

  14. Green Vegetables

Next time you are not sleeping well or feeling very stressed and your energy is low, try eating more B vitamin rich foods and picking up a supplement of B Complex. If the problem continues then please consider contacting your functional medicine doctor.

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