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Baby position and when it matters

At week 34 of my pregnancy, my baby was not in the correct position. Most doctor’s won’t begin to care about your babies position until that time.  Just because a baby isn’t head down doesn’t mean that it is in the breech position.  Most babies are in a transverse position or a diagonal position and not truly breech.

The 1st major treatment for mal-position or breech which is done by a mid-wife or OB/GYN is called an external version and it is done at 36 weeks.  The 2nd option is called  the Webster Technique which is done in our office.  You can read more information about Webster at this link

The Webster Technique uses manual therapy to release the muscle of the pelvis, low back, sacrum and round ligaments, which allows the baby to move freely in the uterus into the correct position.  The 3rd technique is acupuncture, which stimulates the body to relax and allow a baby to move freely, and we use this when we need more help with baby movement or if a patient isn’t comfortable with chiropractic care, but doing it together can be the most powerful.

It was upsetting to learn that our next baby girl was transverse which meant that even though I was receiving chiropractic care, was exercising, stretching and doing acupuncture I was still dealing with a mal-positioned baby. I felt like that I was doing everything right, but still dealt with these issues.

In medicine, nothing always works, and I the doctor became the patient and went to In-Health clinic to get treated for my mal-positioned baby.  I received acupuncture and chiropractic care on back-to-back days and the baby moved late in the night of the second day of treatment.  So baby Ho number 2 is doing well and was confirmed head down with an ultrasound about 1 week later and it was also noticed that she has Dr. Ho’s voluptuous lips which is exciting.

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