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Baby's First Tooth Brush

As a parent, once the baby teeth start emerging (which usually occurs somewhere around  6-10 months) you can start worrying about decay and tooth problems like like all people.  Dentists recommend the first dental visit once the first couple of teeth appear.  

My next question as a parent was what type of tooth brush or gum stimulator does a baby need and when do we start using these devices to help achieve optimal oral hygiene.  

Luckily I have a wonderful Dentist and friend Dr. Karen Cun, D.D.s from Artisan Family Dental who answered this question even before I could ask it.  She was so gracious that at my baby shower she gave me this set (which is a 2 pack) one brush to start while the baby is an infant and one to use as a toddler with more teeth.

Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Baby’s Oral Care Set

You Can Find it at:

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