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Back to school shopping…. A different kind of list.

When the school year gets close, I always get really excited about back to school shopping. I love the pencils, pens, markers and crayons you get to buy. I loved picking out my binders and spiral ringed journals. Now as a mom I still get to do back to school shopping and I still love it. I get the exact same feeling as I did when it was me heading to school. A nerdy fact about me was that I even got excited buying my text books and the list I am about to share is maybe just as nerdy.

This list is to prepare my family for school to keep my everyone healthy. Some of this list will be pre-pandemic items and some are with the pandemic in mind.

  1. Masks - 8 at least as they fall and get dirty on the playground. I like the masks seen above that a local mask maker has custom made for the girls. She is available to make masks, contact here:

  2. Vitamin D3 – 1000iu vitamin drops by Seroyal. When school is about to start, I start giving my kids vitamin D3 and I even double my own dosage in the months of October through February because those are the main cold and flu months. I recommend doing that this year as research shows that people are more likely to be sicker with lower vitamin D blood levels.

  3. Elderberry Syrup - We call this the berry juice and it is a great immune booster without the increase of allergies like some immune stimulating herbs. I make my own (see the recipe on my blog).

  4. Snack bags made out of paper – I like to use the wax paper bags from Whole foods or Amazon so that I can try and reduce the plastic usage.

  5. Vitamin C – This is something that I give the week before school starts and the first full week into school for a total of 2 weeks. I give them 1000mg daily with a meal usually breakfast. I will start doing the dosage again if they tell me one of their friends is sick. It pays to listen to your kiddo’s (I give it to them and me).

  6. Viral off Bag - I use these bags and put extra masks in my kids’ bag so they can get a fresh mask if it gets dirty on the playground.

  7. Potassium Iodine – We spray our face after being out in public in high risk environments’ and after school. A spritz is a great idea since this type of iodine is used to kill viruses and the original research on it was done in 1945.

  8. Thermos - the one which keeps food hot and has a fold out spoon attached so that kids can still have hot food because microwaves may not be available.

So here you have some of my back to school health prep. May all our kiddo’s have a safe and satisfying year for back in person learning.

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