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Binder...The Oldest of Medicine!

One of my all-time favorite remedies is Activated Charcoal. I call it a “Grandma’s Remedy” since it has been around for hundreds of years, probably thousands. I use it in several ways in our household; bug bites and stings, upset tummies and sore throats. The mechanism of action is the same in all these different types of uses. It is an absorber or what we in medicine call a binder. In the case of the bee sting, it pulls out the poison so that a large reaction on the skin doesn’t happen. In the stomach and intestines, it also pulls or binds toxins and other noxious substances. One of the binders we sell in our office uses both charcoal and benzonite and zenonite clay which can make it even more powerful. Below you will see some of the best uses for binders:

· Food Sensitivities

o Oh No! You were eating with the family at a family reunion and they swore that there was no dairy in the mash potatoes, but wait, “Is butter dairy?” Before you panic you can simply pop in the binder to prevent a more dramatic reaction in your body.

· Toxic Exposure

o Your neighbor is a heavy smoker and loves to leave the windows open or smoke on the patio right by your backyard.

o You are a frequent commuter with a long commute and breathing in fumes and rubber over a long period of time can have an effect on the body.

o You work in an industry where you simply cannot avoid the occasional exposure to less than healthy products.

· Food Poisoning

o Eating at that food truck may have been yummy, but now you are hanging over the toilet and miserable, taking some charcoal can help absorb that E.coli bacterial toxin, one of the most common in food poisoning.

· Food Intolerance

o You know they have cow's milk or gluten in the pizza that will make you achy and give you a headache; a binder can help reduce the histamine reaction.

o The same goes for the lactose in your daily Frappuccino or latte that can flare up eczema or cause a tummy ache.

· Overindulgence

o The party last night may have had the best martini’s but not if you are hurting; a binder can help absorb that alcohol before a problem starts or even if you forgot and are hoping for some relief.

Now that you see all that a binder can do for you, we would love to give you one BIG caution. Taking a binder with other vitamins or prescription medications can be a problem because they will also bind up and absorb their effect which is not what you are looking for so be careful.

Our office would love to share some of the binder brands we love and here are a few:

GI Detox by Biocidin

Activated Charcoal by Progressive Labs or Integrative Therapeutics.

Go to Fullscript store for ordering:

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