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Building your Child’s Immunity when attending Day Care

When  your children start attending day care, they often get sick more frequently as they tend to share cold’s and bugs by touching other infected kids and common areas then putting their fingers into their mouthes. How do you lessen the stress on your child’s immune system and protect your household from getting sick?  Here are my top tips for protecting your child’s immune system and what we use in our family:

Vitamin D3 drops 1,000iu for kid’s during cold and flu season  (purchase pharmaceutical grade from our clinic)

Rose Hips when you know someone in day care is sick

Probiotics (make sure to get the refrigerated species that is age specific)

Exercise even when the weather is cold –but make sure to bundle them up at the playground.  Fresh air and exercise are natural immune boosters.

Immune boosters are necessary if your child is known for having a weakened immune system.  (This will require a doctor consultation to prescribe the correct botanical for your child)

Zara has started doing a small in-home day care with one of our other practitioners daughter’s so she gets socialization as well as making sure she works well with other people’s homes.  We make sure she is on D3 and takes an Infant formula probiotic to help her have a normal healthy immune system.

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