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Bum Problem

So what happens when you Get a Hemorhoid. Hemorroids are a bum problem that no one wants to talk about but commonly occur in a significant amount of pregnant women and new mom’s. They typically occur in the third trimester of pregnancy due to the larger amount of force that is placed on the cervics and the rectum causing the inflammation of a vein which swells and becomes painful and itchy. These hemoroids can be external occurring around the anus or internal just inside the anus. The common symptoms are:

  • Blood on your toilet paper after you wipe

  • Excessive itching

  • Pain when sitting on hard surfaces

  • Mild discomfort when having a bowel movement

  • The need to pass a bowel movement after you have just had a movement

So I didn’t get a hemorrhoid during my third trimester like I thought I might due to a big baby. But I started to get a small internal one after sitting on the floor during the middle of the night using the breast pump. This can occur in women due to the weakend muscles of the pelvic floor post partum. Since I have sat on a pillow while pumping to allow it to heal.

Treatment in our office is s healing suppository which can take away the itching and pain in a matter of a few days which allows you to be more comfortable and get back to normal life.

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