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Classic medicine when sick, homeopathy.

With Virus, Allergies and colds it is hard to know which remedy to use and or even what your child has. In our household we have me and my oldest daughter that get seasonal allergies and it causes and itchy runny nose. Whenever she does get sick it always goes to a cough, of course people now view as modern day leprosy. My youngest when she gets sick always has a runny nose and gets fevers more easily, she also is usually sick for less days than her elder sister since fevers are a way for the body to kill the virus or bacteria that is making us sick. I like many parents keep an arsenal of natural cold and flu fighters in the cabinet and here is a sneak-peek at my homeopathic weapons. I will go over my whole pediatric medicine cabinet in a later blog.

1. Belladona - Getting sick have no idea what type of infection. 200k or 30ch 4 pellets every hour.

2. Gelsemium – high fever, headache and body aches 200k or 30ch 5 pellets every hour or every 2 hours.

3. Bryonia Alba – Febrile state, body ache, dry cough, take 200k ever hour or every 2 hours.

4. Apis Mellifica – Useful in allergies take 4 pellets ever 2 hours. Also works in violent headache and sore throat take 200k every hour and can move up to every 30 minutes. This is effective but only temporary.

5. Ipeca – for nausea and vomiting digestive sickness take 30ch 3 to 4 times a day.

These remedies come in special tubes and are only available at the above dosages from a health care provider. They are easy to carry with you when you travel or administer at home because, I haven’t met kids that don’t like them. We carry most of these remedies in our office or on our online supplement ordering application.

Please email me if you want access to doctor quality products through my office.

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