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Cold and Flu Season ..... NOT COVID-19

Cold and Flu Season ……… NOT COVID-19, you know the thing we do each year!

So each and every year we have a season that has an uptick in colds and flu’s. Those of us that have school age children blame many of our illnesses on our child who brings it home to us. As children, their immune system is relatively new in the world and it gets sick more as it develops their immunity. Adults have already gotten sick many times to this point in our lives so we should get sick less. (If you are getting sick a lot, this is another discussion to have with your doctor). This doesn’t mean we never get sick, but it is always my goal to minimize my illness, by reducing the frequency, duration and severity of symptoms.

This week I am sharing what I do during cold and flu season. It is a tried and true method since I see a lot of pediatric patients in my practice who see me when they are sick and sometimes cough or sneeze in my face. (I call this germ warfare testing).


  1. Vitamin D3, 5,000 iu 1 capsule daily.

    1. Remember this is based on my blood test and since this is a fat soluble vitamin please make sure that you get your test done before you take more than 1,000 daily.

    2. Fun Fact: This is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies in the US.

  2. Zinc 21 mg when I am going to be out in about at an event where everyone is coughing and sneezing.

    1. I use it in lozenge form since zinc will kill a virus on contact so sucking on the lozenge releases it in the throat.

      1. Do a lozenge every 2 hours during the day when you are actively sick.

    2. Fun Fact: It’s the most common mineral deficiency in the US and also balances copper levels.

When sick:

  1. Cold Front from Pioneer. It has some wonderful ingredients that will kill both bacterial and viral bad guys. I like this combo since many of the illness we face may be a virus with a secondary bacterial infection.

  2. Acer Campestre – This is a timeless Anti-viral and will actually help speed recovery time similar to Tami flu when you have that big bad Flu in your life.

  3. NAC – This is great when you have a cough, since it’s helpful in expectorating the phlegm in your lungs, it heals lung tissue and it turns into the anti-oxidant gluthione.

I have many more tools of course but these are my favorites and they are ones I use regularly. Most adults and older children who can swallow pills can follow this regime. I will post about my kids later. All of the products mentioned are available in our office just email us and we ship or you can find it on my dispensary: Wellevate:

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