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Cold Weather: What temperature should the Baby room be.

Have you ever wondered what the nightly temperature should be in a baby’s room when the weather turns cold? If you don’t know the answer then we are in the same boat! But these are things I just have to know for our baby. In fact I was at a speaking engagement and as they were introducing me and listing a few of my affiliations and hobbies it dawned on me, right now my most consuming hobby is baby research.

When the weather got cold I wanted to find a way to keep Zara’s room warm without spending a fortune on electricity. Because our thermostat is in the living room I was also concerned that the room would get too warm. So my husband and I did a little research and found a heater that was not at risk for sparking, was flat and can be mounted on the wall when she starts to crawl. To keep it regulated it plugs into a temperature sensor that turns the heater on and off depending on the temp of the room.

And the correct answer for the temperature is….

65-68 degrees according to the Academy of Pediatrics both in the USA and UK.

So now you know (just like me) and Zara is sleeping nice and warm.

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