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Daily emergency Kit Updated

Caption: Straight out of my purse, ignore the beat up state of some items!!

Many years ago, when my kids were little, I had a specific type of emergency kit and it contained things like teething drops, pacifiers and lots of TIDE wipes for messy spills. And while I have always carried some of these items with me, I rarely talk about them and they are the unsung heroes of many events. I don’t really like the term emergency because it suggests in my mind as a doctor something very serious. But an emergency can be anything from a papercut to an early menstrual cycle to a stain on a blouse from lunch. So here is what my small emergency pouch contains:

  1. TIDE Wipes – this probably needs no explanation. I have used one to clean up a spill on an airplane when I ran out of wipes.

  2. Allergy Medication – Allegra or Zyrtec type that can be used in a pinch with acute rhinitis, itchy eyes, or a runny nose.

    1. I carry Benadryl for more acute attacks especially for more severe allergies. (One time at a party, someone had a severe reaction to cashews). An adult can take up to 2 tablets (40mg), in an emergency situation like that.

  3. Floss – I carry floss now because as I age, the gaps in my teeth have changed and I tend to get more things stuck in my teeth.

  4. Band-Aids – so this one seems like a no-brainer because even an adult needs Band-Aids sometimes, but the trick to this one is making sure you restock it after use. So many times, I will have someone run up or ask “Does anyone have a band aid?”

  5. Tea – I carry 3 small bags of tea and they are all different kinds because they do different things.

    1. Tulsi Tea – This is great for asthmatic type coughs, such as after you have recovered from a virus but the cough lingers. It can stop a lot of coughing fits. Also, great to calm you when stressed and lightly boost energy without caffeine.

    2. Black tea – For energy, if you have to drive somewhere late, the caffeine can help but also it can be soaked it in water and placed on a bloody nose that won’t stop bleeding. The caffeine constricts the blood vessels to help stop bleeding.

    3. Chamomile – to help me relax if I get amped or stressed by the events of life or the day or when traveling and that way it is always with me. I have given it to strangers having panic attacks on planes as well.

  6. Cash – You never know when you are traveling when someone will only take cash. Or for those not so emergency stops at a fruit stand. But most of the time it is for some event that happens at school for my kids.

  7. Triple antibiotic ointment – while I love using my essential oils for most things, antibiotic ointment works well on a really dirty cut or a burn. I like the generic. It has a better blend of antibiotics and is just like Neosporin.

  8. Clay – This small amount of pink and blue clay is a great fidget toy when your kids forget or need something to do while in a restaurant, doctor’s office or church. They work it with their hands and make it into things and it doesn’t crumble like playdough. It will dry out eventually. I get the kind you can bake in your oven if you do want permanent shapes.

  9. Benadryl cream – this is for bug bites, allergic reactions that are on the skin and generalized histamine response. This is an essential for our family since my kids get a histamine response to mosquito bites. When traveling in the summer I will also add in the Benadryl itch relief stick.

  10. Nail File – this works great on fingernails that get broken while playing sports and other things but also on ruff pieces of wood or plastic toys that get a splintered edge.

  11. Mineral Sunscreen – I love to have a little powder sunscreen so that if I end up at school straight from work, I can add a little protection to my face while cheering my kids on. Also great for shine proofing your face as well.

  12. Pepto-Bismol – I rarely if ever use this for myself but it is nice to have if the kids get sick on a plane or eat something bad. Most often it ends up getting used by people I meet along the journey. (Not Pictured- time to re-stock)

  13. Excedrin and Tylenol – Tylenol for the kids if they ever spike a fever ( I always try homeopathy first) and Excedrin is for the few times I get migrainous headaches so I always have it as they can come on unexpectedly for someone my size and for many women breaking the pill in half can be enough to do the trick and this reduces stress on your organs.

  14. Tums – this is new for me probably due to stress related. I occasionally need one to manage a rare esophagus condition, but I find that I give them to people more than I take them because I manage my issue with mint mostly.

  15. Safety pins – you never know when a wardrobe malfunction will occur or you need to fix something and they are great, just remember if you give them away to put a few back in your kit.

  16. Krazy Glue – one of my all-time favorites for cuts especially on the hands because this glue was originally designed for surgery, so it’s safe on the skin. It’s best to apply when still bleeding so that you don’t risk infection (dirt needs to be cleaned out first). Also, I have glued people’s items on in an airplane with this glue and broken toys while out and about.

  17. Activated Charcoal – I actually carry two types: a capsule form and a chewable form. The capsule can be used as a poultice, you open it and mix with water to absorb a bee sting or other bug bites. You can also swallow 1-2 after eating a meal that doesn’t agree with you. The charcoal will absorb bad bacteria such as E.coli or it will absorb gas if you are not digesting properly. The chewable is for when my kids have an upset tummy.

So, there you have my daily backup kit, just remember one important thing- keep it restocked; otherwise you won’t have it when you need it for those emergencies.

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