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Diaper Bag inside your Handbag, Stylish and Practical!

So who loves all the options out there for Diaper bags? Well I didn’t…  They were either fashionable but not really fashionable and not practical or they were functional and ugly.  I also wasn’t jazzed by the idea of paying several hundred dollars for a nice diaper bag when that money could be spent on a nice handbag that you wouldn’t mind carrying even after your kids’ grew up.

A patient of mine introduced me to the “Diaper Bag inside your Handbag” by Life in Play.  I tested it on a flight to Phoenix with my daughter. I placed the removable diaper bag into my Long Champ purse.  The results were amazing and I loved the organizer. It was not only better than my current diaper bag,  but it fit inside my stylish bag. It was nice to feel a little glamorous as a mom.  I have since tested it on a 5 hour flight which contained all of the baby essentials as well as toys and it still performed well.

Here is the website link:

Here is my bag and organizer.

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