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Feeling Sick ...Try my Favorites to Get well Faster.

If you have been feeling like you, your family, or everyone around you has been sick lately, it can start to feel like it will never end. Part of the reason is that while colds are expected in a family two to three times a year, we continue getting sick by being around people who we were not with in the last few years. The germs had some catching up to do, making this a “sick year”. While as a parent this can make work and life balance super difficult, it does not mean we should despair. We can never escape getting sick, but we can help reduce the long term effects and even shorten the time of action.

This week I want to treat you all as family and share my tips and tricks for different kinds of illnesses:

Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning:

  1. Activated Charcoal: made mostly out of coconut shells, it is compressed into capsules or tablets. Use chewable tablets for kids and people who do not like to swallow pills. Take one to two tablets or capsules.

  2. L-Glutamine Powder: 1000mg one teaspoon, two times a day with applesauce. This is the amino acid that heals the digestive tract and can stop diarrhea pretty well.

  3. Homeopathic Ipecauea: four pellets every 15 minutes to reduce vomiting.

  4. Electrolytes: highly recommended for sipping. I like Nuun or other tablets that have a better balance, than many of the pre-made store brands.

Cold with a Sore Throat:

  1. Zinc 23 mg every two hours. Some people can tolerate this on an empty stomach, but others may need to take with food. Do this dosage until symptoms are gone.

  2. Sleep with a large piece of flannel, safety pinned around the neck to keep the blood flow warm. Can also place a small amount of something with capsicum under the flannel.

  3. Teas with chamomile and licorice root in them will both soothe and coat the throat.

  4. Supplements with oregano oil and garlic are also helpful for supporting the immune system and killing the bacteria. I also mix specialized tinctures for patients to help soothe and kill bacteria.

Head Cold:

  1. Nebulizer with saline solution helps clear the lung tissue and decongest the nasal passages.

  2. Essential oil blends of eucalyptus and red thyme under the nose at night or during the day, can help with decongestion.

  3. Andrographis is a favorite of mine that is a less common herb to take when sick with a bacteria. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties, and great for those stubborn lingering colds.

Flu: (Usually with both cold symptoms and a fever present).

  1. Monolaurin is great for dealing with the viral load that is present in some conditions. It is especially helpful in chronic viral infections such as the Epstein Barr virus and some of the longer viral infections.

  2. NAC was talked about a lot during the pandemic, and is wonderful for nourishing the lining of the lungs when you have a persistent cough that will not go away. I use it prophylactically when a cold is going around patients or at home.

  3. Epsom salt baths taken for half an hour have shown to not only speed healing and feel amazing when your body is achy with a fever, but can even be lifesaving in children. Take a soak for 30 minutes at a hot temperature you can tolerate, while someone else is at home with you, then go to bed and nap it off.

The above tips and tricks are ones I have always used on my family, and while they may not act like they appreciate it, they do not stay down for too long! If your cold or flu is persisting longer than three days, we recommend getting an herbal-biotic or antiviral from our office to help you get back on your feet.

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