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Finding purpose....through action.

See the before set up as Yoevita and I are volunteering and as products are arriving. Come shop the even this week.

Doing something I believe in has always been important to me and it is the driving underlying passion that guides my life. Religion has always been near and dear to my heart as I live my life offering kindness and generosity to all. As I get older and my life gets busier, I want to impart to my children a life of morality, manners, generosity and love; and that means living by example. Our children will listen to our words but if they don’t see it played out in a tangible way, they may lose belief in us. To live this life, I have to take action and that means giving of my time to causes and things that will make a difference and I am passionate about supporting.

Here are some of the ways I live my life with purpose for myself and my family.

  1. Get involved at church – I always worked with youth and adults mostly in ministry but after having kids I got moved to children’s ministry and that was hard because I didn’t feel naturally gifted in this department. I have learned that children are so important and I am now feeling more at home doing crafts, leading camping trips and teaching them all kinds of important life lessons.

  2. Choose a Cause – I love supporting and volunteering at Outrageous Outgrown. This is an event that happens 2 times a year and has mom’s (dad’s too) sell items (clothing, toys, accessories) their kids no longer use but are in good condition. and it’s also a place to buy new (used) things as well.

    1. I love it because it reduces waste in our material world.

    2. It makes clothing, toys, books and shoes affordable to all families in need.

    3. It donates to City Team any excess items to help struggling families.

  3. Business group – Women’s Networking Alliance is a women business owners group that celebrates the unique challenges to women, mom’s, divorcees that happen to also be in business. They also choose charities to work with like Martha’s Kitchen to be involved in our local community.

This subject is on my mind as yesterday Yoevita and I volunteered to help set up at Outrageous Outgrown, so that all kinds of families will have an opportunity to afford nice and beautiful clean clothes, toys and accessories.I love that it reduces waste and helps reduce clutter in your home and benefits the community. Please come and check out the Outrageous event this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Here is the link:

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