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Haircuts for Kids

It can be Shear Madness getting your children’s haircut and can bring about fear when they have to go through it for the first time or even repeated times.  So - what are the best tips for dealing with haircut issues?  Here are a list of tips that experienced moms have shared:

* Bring their lovie

* Practice at home

* Bribe them with snack or rewards

* Picking a child friendly salon or choose the salon you go to.

* Take your child to watch you get a hair cut

* Talk about the process matter of factly, “Everyone gets their hair cut.”

* If they are over 2 years old allow them to watch a short video while the process is occurring.

* Pick a time when they are well rested

* Give words of praise for a job well done.

I have taken my girls to Salon Xeno and they get their hair done by Nemesis Nepomuceno. He also cuts my hair. My kids have watched me get my hair cut so they knew what to expect.  Zara was almost 3 years when she got her first hair cut and Allegra was 5 months.   Here are some hair cut pictures with my girls.  This last haircut Zara finally even got her hair washed and she loved it!

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