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Last Month Supplement Additions

Supplements I am taking towards the end of my pregnancy.

There are some important supplements to begin taking at about 34 weeks.

Just as I advise my patients, I am taking Pregnancy Tea Plus Tincture. Since I don’t always drink enough tea, I am getting it in a concentrated liquid form. This tincture helps prepare the uterus, and body for birth, promotes a speedier labor and assists in the process of recovery.

Around 1-2 months before the due date, I also suggest taking HMF Intensive, a powerful probiotic that helps reduce the incidence of testing Strep B positive requiring antibiotics for you or your baby, which can mess with a delicate digestive tract. Please note that I also continue probiotics at this high level for 1-month post-partum then switch to HMF Forte, which is more of a maintenance dosage.

At exactly 36 weeks I have patients start taking a really good evening primrose oil which helps soften the cervix and prepare the body for labor. This can be done orally or vaginally. Please consult your doctor first.

On our website you can see a list of homeopathic supplements that I will start taking during week 37 to help the body have a wonderful labor!

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