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Mal Positioned Baby

As I get close to the end of the pregnancy I realize that it is important to work on baby positioning. It is important because you want a more comfortable labor. So there are several types of baby positions that will cause you and your doctor distress. The general term for a improper positioning is mal position and this is a baby in breech position, transverse position or any position that isn’t head down.

The above positions are the ones that can lead to Cesarean Birth’s, this isn’t because a women is unable to deliver in this position it is because very few doctor’s will deliver in the breech position due to risks of baby getting stuck, and insurance risk.

The optimal position of a baby is the anterior position, which means the baby is facing or it’s nose, is point toward the mom’s spine, with head down toward moms feet. If a baby is still head down but is facing away from the spine we call this posterior position and many woman deliver in this position the only negative to this position is that it can make labor harder and cause more back labor.

So one of the ways to make sure you have baby in an optimal position is to get monthly chiropractic care during pregnancy, more if you are having back pain and discomfort. The other way to help yourself is yoga during the pregnancy, which helps stretching, and you to move into optimal positions. If you do have a mal positioned baby you can get treatment called Webster technique which helps turn baby into the correct position whether you are transverse, breech or even posterior. One way to help yourself at home is to look up the following website which helps you do positions that help move baby into the correct position.

Great Baby Resource:

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