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Mom’s Emergency Kit

  1. Tampon - for period’s that can catch you off guard

  2. Tide to-go stick – for the messes that kids and you make while on the go

  3. Krazy glue – for cuts and injuries this glue was originally created for surgery

  4. Triple antibiotic plus ointment – this is for cuts and abrasions where infection is likely. Caution: do not over use.

  5. Barrette – For hair emergencies

  6. Pacifier – for melt downs and baby’s need for sleep

  7. Sunscreen – because sometimes you are out and forgot to bring sun prescriptions

  8. Benadryl – this is for allergic reactions and emergency reactions to foods, bee stings etc…

  9. Camilia Teething drops – For teething issues (starts around 7-8 months)

  10. Light day pads – for emergencies whether postpartum or periods that come unexpectantly

  11. Bandaids of various sizes – for injuries and pain.

This is my kit that I keep in the diaper bag at all times in a little bag. I check it frequently to make sure it is stocked.

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