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Mother’s Day for all women….it takes a village.

During Mother’s Day weekend, I want to thank all Women whether you have a child currently at home, have ever had a child or are mourning a lost child; because you are all mother’s to my children. We all know the saying “It takes a Village,” well it does. Let me take this time to explain and thank you on a very personal level.

I think first of all the Mom’s who have raised their children and released them into the world and now are either helping with their grandchildren or waiting to have grandchildren; you are so giving of your love to my family. You share your wisdom, experience and hilarious antidotes with me and many of these stories have guided my own parenting. You have baby sat for us and you have taught our children’s programs which my children adore. You have fed our family when we were in need and some are grandparents, aunts and teachers to my children and they adore you for the part you serve in their life.

Next, I think of women who can/cannot have children and what Mothers of the community and to me you are. I know you may not think of yourself as a Mother but you are, you stand in the gap so many times in my life to pick me up, help me raise my kids and we love you for that every minute. You have made our family food, given little gifts to my girls and overall shown love and grace beyond my wildest dreams. Women have a special gift to nurture and you do so at the highest level and I cannot thank you enough.

Finally, I think of women who have not had children yet you let your youth and joy shine into my kids. You have volunteered to play tag with them, colored with them and even read them books just to give us a little break. Someday we hope to turn around and do this for your future children and guide them as we can. I also love that you are willing to do some of the harder activities like go hiking and play using your energy to guide you.

Women have a unique gift to given them to nurture, support and lift up and while you may not be in the season of Mothering right now; I argue that all women are Mothering someone right now even if it isn’t inside your own home. I want all women to be proud of their giving projects that they have going on right now; if you don’t think you are please sit for a moment and think; betcha have at least 2 Mothering projects you are doing. And if you still can’t think of one just ask me, I would be willing to bet I can point them out (Woman are always too Self-deprecating anyways). Thank you; as a young mother from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my children, my community and my family you are a light when the world can be so dark.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Farmgirl feeling so Blessed

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