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New Years Resolutions but is January the Right time to start them?

New Years Resolutions are made and many of them are never to be heard from again.

Have you ever considered that some resolutions are better kept at different times of the year? Here are the most commonly made resolutions and my suggestion for best time of year to actually keep the resolution.

1. I will go on a diet and lose weight. After Valentines Day is the best time to start a new dietary change. Planning to make big changes never goes well around a favorite holiday such as Christmas. Mid February is also an excellent time because it gives enough time to work hard to improve your health if you are trying to be beach ready or wedding season ready. The average woman can lose about 1lb per week with lots of work and men more like 2lbs. 5-7lbs can come off quickly as water weight may be what you are losing. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a long time.

2. I will go on a cleanse to get healthy. Cleanses are as vast as the ocean when selecting one make sure it is the correct one for your health goals. My husband and I work on a cleanse in early February so it’s done by my birthday in March. The other time of the year I cleanse is in August while getting the kids back to school. The regimented season is helpful for getting in a routine that helps with doing the cleanse. Remember that depending on your current health, not all cleanse types are recommended or healthy for every person. Some cleanses can put too much strain on a weak liver, or cause intestinal discomfort. Usually starting New Year’s Day is too much strain as most people are just getting back into a routine with school and work.

3. I will have self-care. The self-care that most people are think of is taking time for themselves, getting a massage and so on. Most self-care that we think of isn’t available during COVID-19. So in 2021 how shall we do self-care? My recommendation is to start as soon as you can and don’t stop ever. Here is my best list and I shall try to do some of them as well.

  • Wake a little early and sit quietly with a cup of tea or if you don’t like tea sit quietly and light a candle to focus on.

    • There is so little quiet at home between work and Covid-19 schooling, this early time of day gives some peace to start your day.

  • Healthy Meal Subscription to help cooking easier without as much prep while working from home.

  • Online Work-out Groups or Classes.

  • See friends on Zoom, Face time or those that are in your social bubble, they will light your eyes and keep ones heart light.

  • Go to Bed, it is easy to get wrapped up in bingeing a show or on social media and staying up late.

  • Use a Diffuser in the house. I have found several blends at Whole foods by the NOW brand to help with concentration or with relaxation.

Self care is excessively hard especially for mothers (like me) since we deem it selfish or a waste of time so it often gets pushed to the back of the to-do list. But may I remind all of you including myself that most of us are taking care of others- if we are not well, then we cannot take care of others.

4. I will organize or clean my house better. Please remember to make this a whole year goal since certain items like cleaning the garage out during the winter is exceptionally more difficult. So, if you wish to start at the first of the year, try starting with things like books, unwanted holiday gifts, excess wrapping or a closet. These small bite size pieces can make you feel accomplished and get your momentum going for the rest of the year. Also avoid window washing as rain is predicted in most places through April. I love the blogger “Bowl full of Lemons” that gives a seasonal cleaning list if you need help to get it all done.

5. I will read more books. I love to read, but with children I have very little time, so I listen to audio-books that I am able to get through in a shorter time period with the ease of them on my phone. I can listen while cooking or driving to work and best of all I learn so much about the different topics. Remember that even 1-2 books/audio books more than last year is still more -so set your goals low. You may be surprised at how easy it is when you do audio.

No matter what your goals are for this year or any other doing a little better for you and your family is always something to strive for. After going through almost a year of Shelter in Place, I ask you to keep the goals sharp, simple and doable and maybe something you can even do daily to maintain a healthy outlook on your life. Happy New year from Farmgirl.

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