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One year Check up Expectations

At a Child’s one-year check up, here is a list of what you can expect the doctor to check.  Prior to the check up, it is a good idea to look at your child and be able to answer the doctor’s questions fully and completely.

One year check up:

  1. Height and Weight

  2. Length and Head Circumference

  3. Heart and Lungs: Listening for abnormal heart rhythms and breathing issues

  4. Eyes:  Congenital eye conditions and blocked tear ducts

  5. Ears:  Signs of infection and make sure the eardrum is moving

  6. Mouth:  Signs of infection, new teeth and number of teeth

  7. Body: Check for reflexes and muscle tone, paleness of skin (iron-deficiency anemia)

  8. Belly:  enlarged organs and possible hernia issues

  9. Genitals:  signs of infection or rash normal genital development

  10. Joints:  Hips, Legs and shoulders, checking for normal range of motion and movement  

  11. Nap and sleep:  children need about 14 hours of sleep split between nighttime sleep and nap time

  12. Walking and Crawling:  Where your child is at in development stages of cruising, walking or crawling

  13. Talking:  What words are your child saying or babbling?

  14. Social Skills:  How is your child acting?

Zara’s check up put her on target for her developmental skills.  Healthy  babies make mom and dad happy

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