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Outrageous Outgrowns....One stop shopping for kid stuff.

This is on my volunteer day with Maddy working hard to help Bay Area Families.

There is a large consignment event I discovered through a friend right before I had my first daughter that has all things baby and kid. It is called Outrageous Outgrowns. It occurs two times a year in San Jose (Spring and Fall). This event allows people to consign items they no longer use and buy new items for their families. I love this event and all that it means and let me tell you my story and why.

When I was pregnant with Zara, I went ever went to Outrageous Outgrowns with my dear friend Michelle in March. Her child was almost 8 months old so she needed some items. She helped me pick out a few things to get ready for my baby. This event can be a little overwhelming since it happens in a large warehouse and has sooooo many items. I bought a baby playtime mat that has since gone through both my girls and my brother’s girls and I also bought some books since my daughter was due in July. The next event would happen in October and I went back again this time by myself and I brought a list (my daughter was just 3 months old) and now I had an idea of what I wanted to look for and some clothes I needed.

Here I am before an event taking my items that I am selling.

For the next 2 years I went on the Sunday and shopped for about 1 hour and got the items I needed for her next season. Toys and clothes are great buys at Outrageous Outgrowns. Then daughter number 2 came along and I needed some extra things for my 2 girls. I also wanted to get my older daughter a few special items for her bedroom. When she started growing out of stuff or becoming too developmentally mature, I started to be able to sell the items I had previously bought. With the money I made, I turned around and bought for next season usually spending the same amount that I sold for as it became a way of recycling and not contributing more waste to the world. I still sell and buy for the seasons but also for fun. My girls actually look forward to the event and help me go through their toys to sell and then I get 1 request from them each to bring back from the event for something new for them.

Here is the Shopping we (my mom in the picture and me taking the picture) did for 3 different families including my girls. (We even bought the stroller and snow-boots too). I bring my wagon to shop it is really helpful.

So here is my Why:

  • Reduces waste of children’s products

  • De-clutters our homes help us move to the next developmental steps whether toy or book, puzzles and games.

  • More affordable solution for many families in terms of clothing and health items.

  • Helps us appreciate what we have and use it before buying new.

  • Time to be around other moms that can give you fun ideas for your home and educating your children.

The next event is coming open in just 2 weeks and I am tagging away and making my list of needed items to look for. I hope you share this with all families that want to take an advantage of great prices and helping our world by reducing the waste in the world.

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