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Packing the Bags

And so the packing begins. You have a baby’s bag to pack and you have yours. I studied lots of different lists that moms have made through the years and talked to friends and family and here is the best list I could come up with.

This would be a great time for you to provide any tips you may have!


*Make sure the car seat is in the car about 3 weeks before your due date and make sure it is secure.

  1. 2 receiving blankets – for me muslin is best since we’re having a July baby

  2. Cap – but probably won’t uses due to heat

  3. 2 pairs scratch prevention mittens

  4. 2 pairs of little newborn socks

  5. Hand sanitizer for use after touching hospital items

  6. Baby wipes – cloth or wet depending on your preference

  7. Nail clippers, comb, and coconut oil for baby’s bottom (to prevent meconium from sticking) and a nasal aspirator

  8. Newborn diapers

  9. 3 undershirts

  10. 2-3 “Going home”outfits as you may change your mind on which one you like best!

  11. Pediatrician information


  1. Flip-flops

  2. At least 4 large size pads or Depends underwear

  3. Socks that are comfy

  4. Sports bra and nursing bra

  5. 3 pairs underwear

  6. P.J.s that make nursing easy

  7. Going home outfit – maxi dress or large stretch pants to fit over pad, and loose

  8. Snacks for you and dad – bars, honey sticks, fruit smashes, popsicles, juice

  9. Kleenex sanitary wipes for hospital items

  10. Gum – helps some people focus during labor

  11. Phone numbers of your “must call” list: a. Parents b. Siblings c. Doula - who is doing placenta encapsulation

  12. Pen for paper work

  13. Hair tie / head band

  14. Travel size deodorant, body wash, shampoo, Chapstick, toothbrush, hair comb, and make-up for pictures if you want,

  15. Camera

  16. Cell phone and charger

  17. Laptop and charger for movies or while resting

  18. Nipple cream

  19. Change for the vending machine

  20. Blanket for dad

  21. Large ball for laboring on

  22. Shorts and t-shirt change for dad

  23. iPod for labor music mix

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