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Plugged ducts

After both of my pregnancies, I have gotten plugged milk ducts and have been very uncomfortable. I had already tried the poke root, essential oil poke root, hot and cold therapy, massage, and lecithin orally.  I knew I was in need of a stronger remedy because I didn’t want to get mastitis.  I had that when I had Zara and it is not only painful but also very debilitating due to the high fever that can accompany it.  I went for a treatment that our acupuncturists in our office have been doing in our office, ultrasound.  I first noticed it when I could feel a plugged duct and everything else had failed.  It was getting so painful even to the touch on the breast that I was having a hard time massaging it out.  I did the ultrasound treatment and it was not anymore painful than the massage I had been doing; in fact it felt almost relaxing.  Afterwards, the pain wasn’t gone but it was 80% better.  I could even stand to massage the duct that night afterward and I didn’t get an infection in that duct.

I highly recommend if you are a mamma that is struggling with plugged ducts and the home remedies suggested in my previous blog ( ) don’t work then you may greatly benefit from an in-office breast ultrasound procedure that is safe for mom and baby and pretty affordable also.

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