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Postpartum Pregnancy Massage

Postpartum is hard on the body and mind.  Often, you are exhausted and you are building your baby holding muscles up by lifting your new heavy bundle of joy.  The physical act of holding your new born especially if you are breast feeding  can cause any mom to start having shoulder and neck pain that will often result in a headache.

At In Health Clinic, we offer a postpartum check up for mothers. A common complaint we hear every time is how stiff their shoulders and neck are.  The bad news is that baby only gets heavier, but the good news is you are helping your child grow bigger.

What can mom do to help keep herself healthy so she can continue to care for her little one and entire family?  I find myself struggling with these very same problems as I have had 2 beautiful girls in the last couple of years and my recommendation to new mom’s and dads has always been get a postpartum massage or muscle work.  This may sound decadent,  but if you are like me you start getting significant amounts of headaches and neck pain that won’t go away which makes caring for a new baby even harder.  This is definitely a time in your life that postpartum massage work is tied very closely to your health in general.  I have also found that new mom’s rarely give themselves permission to go get a massage because they guilty. I now suggest that dad’s or partners should be the one to schedule it for them.  The new mom will be very grateful that they taking care of them.

With my pregnancies, I was sent by my husband to get a massage and both cases I was so glad because I was starting to get headaches from nursing and staring at my beautiful baby. Going a few times postpartum helps relax the body, alleviate the soreness, and get the blood flowing to the muscles.  The baby continues to grow and moms body needs help accommodating to it’s new job as mom (compare it to starting a new work out routine).

 So I can say with 100% certainty that this has saved me and below you will see the people I have gone to and recommend.

Adeline Carlson  - a certified pre-natal and post-natal massage therapist  with Light and Joy Acupuncture 408-357-0295

Bridget Eding – Just B Massage 408-836-9259

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