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Pregnancy Cravings

More than just for fun, sometimes cravings are actually your body crying out for nutrients you are lacking, according to Dr. Andrei Rebarber M.D.   Most craving fall into the following categories - sweet, salty, spicy or occasionally, sour.  Only 10% of women actually crave fruits and veggies, which means your doctor may show concern over some of your cravings.  The worst part of the cravings is that you may actually fill up on unhealthy foods and snacks and leave little or no room for nutritious foods.  Weight is also a factor, since the average desired weight gain is 25-35 lbs. Too much unhealthy or fatty food can cause abnormal weight gain, which can create health problems for mom and baby.  Too much weight gain can also lead a mom into gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia, which can be damaging to babies and even mom.  Rarely, some women find themselves with abnormal cravings, like dirt or cement.  Indulging those cravings can cause neurologic damage and even a drop in IQ. Be sure to cover your cravings during your doctor/practitioner visits, so that they can help you find some alternative ways to satisfy them.  During my pregnancy with Zara the following are cravings I had:  Peaches in February, which are not easy to find, but Dr. Ho did!  Whiskey Chicken Burger from Red Robin’s and Licorice and cucumber salad.

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