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Pregnant, with a Cold!

What happens if you are pregnant and get a cold? Well, in my case I have a cold with only about one week before my due date and I am having trouble breathing which means sleeping is even harder.

The approach to take is the botanical medicine side of treatment, which has limitations due to pregnancy.

I am taking Vitamin C, Acer Campestrae, probiotics and Sambucus to help clear the cold. However I am doing even more to help the congestion move out of my head and help my body heal and prepare for labor.

Acupuncture can be an excellent treatment for head colds and stimulating your natural immune system to help heal. It prevents the cold from staying trapped and turning into a sinus infection, which for me is really important since I don’t want to have antibiotics in my system with the baby.

Here I am at our clinic getting needled, which as you may know is hard for me since I don’t like needles. But it was worth it because I feel a lot better! Acupuncture works for many other health concerns as well. If you’re interested, check out the wonderful acupuncturists in our office!

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