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Road Trip readiness

Summer often means road trips for lots of families and while we have only done some light road trips between 4-5 hours, some families will drive across the country. Most people also find this a safe way to travel if they are still avoiding flights for viral or financial reasons. And while many people may not do the most epic trip of their life with gas prices high, it is still nice to be prepared when you are on the road.

The Car

  1. Check your vehicle and top off all fluids.

  2. Replace windshield wipers if they are more than 6 months old.

  3. Have your vehicle checked by a mechanic if it has been awhile; inspect belts, hoses, check oil, steering and brake fluid, coolant, brakes and tires.

The Luggage

  1. Think about a cargo space and either buy a roof box or soft case. If your car has cargo tie-down anchors, make sure suitcases are secure.

  2. Try and keep the drivers view clear.

  3. Stay in places with a washer and dryer so less luggage will be necessary.

The Toys

  1. If you have a bike rack, make sure you have used it before the big trip and once you re-install it, drive around awhile to see if it loosens or shifts.

  2. Ski’s or surf boards, have the proper tie-down gear so they don’t fall off and cause an accident.

The Car Seats

  1. Make sure they are installed correctly all the time not just on road trips.

  2. Consider getting a cup holder for children who are old enough, as it helps you from having to pass back the sippy cup.

  3. Get a busy bag that can be placed in or near the car seat that is age appropriate for each child.

The Internet

  1. If you are like me, you love to unplug; but not all trips come with complete days off so you can enable your cars WiFi hotspot if it has one built in.

  2. Make sure if you have to work where you stop on your trip, it has WiFi access or make sure it doesn’t- if you are avoiding work ; )

The Pets

  1. Pets should be in a secure location with harness or crated in case of an accident. Choose a harness that has a lot of padding to keep them safe.

  2. Use to find animal hospitals that are accredited meaning they maintain higher standards along your journey if the need should arise.

  3. Make sure to pack treats, water and food. Offer water at rest stops and allow for potty time.

The First Aid kit

  1. While in the vehicle at any time, I recommend a first aid kit, but when on road trips create a more comprehensive one:

    1. Bandages, Mole Skin for Blisters, Ace bandage and Kinesiotape

    2. Pain Relievers

    3. Masks – some places still require them.

    4. COVID-19 Antigen home test kit – 1 for each person with you.

    5. Hand sanitizer for meals or problems.

    6. Benadryl or allergy pills for allergic reactions

    7. Melatonin to help sleep on the nights away from home.

The Toll booth

  1. Check online and see if you need a toll transponder like a Fast Pass in California or an EZ Pass in other parts of the country. Many toll booths no longer take cash and you can get a discount.

The Random Items

  1. Toilet paper- Always a good idea!

  2. Batteries for all flash lights.

  3. Snacks

  4. Ziploc bags – these always get used for so many things and you all know what I am talking about…

  5. A Garbage bag or two.

  6. Old towel for cleaning up random messes or for the dog.

  7. Gum: I don’t regularly chew gum but something about a road trip makes me want to blow bubbles and it helps pass the time.

  8. Pens: often needed in so many cases so make sure you have one or three.

  9. Last but not least your license and registration and insurance for your car!

Have fun on your journey wherever the road takes you and come back safe! We wish you all safe travels this summer.

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