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Selecting a Bra for Breastfeeding

When I took my breastfeeding class as mentioned earlier in the blog, the teacher advised us not to buy bras for breastfeeding until after your milk comes in.

So you might ask, “what can I wear when I leave the hospital?” The best option is to buy a nighttime sleeping bra or a flexible cloth bra. It is recommended to buy only one because your breast size is likely to increase. In my case I changed sizes by one cup. I didn’t think that was possible but milk let down will do that!

It is important to remember that a bra that is too tight or has an underwire can cause mastitis or plugged ducts.

Some of the brands that I like are:

  • Bravado

  • Bella Materna

  • Majamas

I bought Basics by Bravado which is a nylon spandex blend in nude and white and it keeps the girls comfortable and prevents pressure that could cause a plugged duct or mastitis.

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