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Summer Schedules, keeping sane!

This is our Extra fancy Schedule my Daughters requested since they are learning how to be princesses.

Summer break; when you can’t go anywhere can be a real challenge especially if you are working from home with no babysitting or help. So how are we and most parents getting through the summer vacation in a way that enriches our family and also keeps us sane? I am a planner as most people know- which means that I always have a summer schedule in our house. This keeps me sane! We usually travel and book some swim lessons with a class or two in art or something fun. But, with COVID restrictions being as they are in my state and County, we have to plan our summer through the lens of being home.

My Summer Plans (Pre Covid19) in a loose layout:

Morning: Play, music practice, reading and a little math.

Afternoon Play, Art and Swimming and Vietnamese Practice.

1-2 Summer Camps for art or soccer usually each a week long.

1-2 Weeks of a daily swim camp

1 Weekly Violin lesson and Online Vietnamese Lesson.

Lots of play dates.

Vacation travel and Camping

Several trips to Aquarium, Zoo, Museums

How this looks with Covid19 restrictions:

Morning: Play, music practice (violin for both kids and piano for my oldest), a little math (we also have a school packet we throw in somedays), reading and letters and then an online Art lesson or drawing then it moves to painting.

Afternoon: Play. Sports with daddy (this varies) and swim at a neighbor’s pool (we do know how blessed we are for this gift).

1 Weekly Zoom Violin Lesson and mommy (that’s me) does an art lesson for 4 children with distancing (will share more of this to come in future blog) and Vietnamese online.

1 weekend camping once open

1 Trip to Yosemite - we already have our day pass reserved.

1 Trip to the Zoo

*** Wishing and hoping the California science museum and Aquarium will open***

So here is what a planner’s summer looks like with COVID19 in our lives. This fails to mention all the summer fruit we will eat, the cooking fun we will have, and the ton of watermelon we will eat. But for many parents who like me still work a lot of hours, a plan can be so helpful in letting us stay sane which means more patience with our children which means a happier house. Happy Summer everyone.

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