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Unfortunately teething will occur way before you are ready for it or want to deal with it.  So what happens when those evil teeth try to come in?  You will go from having a cheerful sweet baby to one that goes from laughing to crying for, what seems to be, absolutely no reason.  It’s a stressful situation for both mom and baby.  Typically this is a time when your baby will be very clingy and want mom a lot more than any one else, even dad. 

Are your little one’s first two teeth trying to come in? Here are some soothing remedies to try:

  • Amber necklace

  • Clove necklace

  • Camilia Homeopathic remedy

  • Tylenol/ibuprofen (some side-effects)

  • Teething toys (Sophie the giraffe and ones that go in the freezer are best)

  • Frozen pacifier (set it in an empty ice cube tray)

  • Frozen fruit in the munchkin cloth bags (make sure to sterilize between each use)

  • Warm bath to break the fever

To soothe Miss Zara we used a frozen pacifier, Camilia drops and teething toys. The Camilia drops are really helpful because you can treat baby every 15 minutes. They also relax baby and can help her sleep.

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