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The Dad and the Doula

I often refer people to Doula’s especially when dad is scared or worried about going through labor.  But more importantly, I refer everyone to who is going to give birth to a doula.  They are women who support and walk you through the process, offer comfort and advice, hold your hand through the process and so much more.  The common objection to doula’s are they cost too much or dad’s feel the doula will replace them during the birth process.  When I am asked of the benefits of a doula, I say they are the coach with dad or partner being the quarterback in the game.  The great doula’s actually facilitate a closer bound between partners during the birthing process.  Here is one dad’s view about their doula experience, and he has graciously decide to share the man’s view on doula’s!

First Time Dad Says….

As a first-time dad, I would have been lost in the delivery room without our doula. My wife was clearly experiencing something very intense and at times scary, and despite birthing classes, I didn't know what to do. Her back was in pain: should I ice it, heat it, massage it, or stay the hell away? Luckily, our doula was there to do all of them at the right times and in the right doses. The 20 minutes of labor in which our doula ran out to her car to get something were definitely the scariest minutes in labor, because I didn't know what to do and I felt like my wife was looking to me to make it better. I imagined our birth experience without a doula when my wife would be looking at me the whole time and I wouldn't have had any lead to follow -- I'm so glad that wasn't our case!

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