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The Fire...And my Health

So wildfire season in California is raging on once again, sigh. So, does anyone other than me notice any health effects due to the fires? I notice two type of effects and one is the effect on my hormones the other is on my lungs and respiratory tract.

The hormone effects are what I first noticed - I start getting acne like a teenager with the larger more cystic type of pimples (you know the kind that hurt but never really come to a head).

The second effect is a feeling of well I guess anxiety the 2 days before menstruation starts. I say I guess anxiety because it feels like I drank too much caffeine the days leading up to the start of my flow. My heart feels like it’s racing inside my chest and a I have a feeling of hyper-vigilance and being on edge; kind of the same feeling if I overdo caffeine.

The hormone issues occur because of the burning of xeno-estrogen products such as plastics and other materials in the fires.

The second effect occurs in my respiratory tract, due to particulates in the air. My lungs will have a slight asthma like effect with a trouble taking deep breaths in due to the mucus creation from the lung irritation. The other thing for me that usually is more common is hay fever like symptoms where my allergies kick up and I feel pressure in the head and itchy eyes and some post-nasal drip.

So I wanted to share my remedies for this phenmon because I have already started taking my usual remedies once fire season started. I didn’t wait this year to get symptoms- I started immediately unlike previous years.


  1. Liver support herbs – I like Liver Cleanse from Thorne or Liver Support from Vital Nutrients. The key ingredient I want to highlight is Silymarin otherwise known as milk thistle and it helps get rid of excess liver congestion.

  2. Calcium D-Glucarate by Designs for Health which helps detoxify excess estrogen -can be used in males and females.

  3. Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry) – helps balance the estrogen progesterone ratio and the plant itself is slightly progesterone.


  1. Liposomal Gluthione - 5ml daily from Apex Energetics, it is a super anti-oxidant that will fight free radical damage and will also help with any toxins released in the particles of the smoke laden air.

  2. N-A-C from Vital nutrients or Designs for Health, it works as an antioxidant and a mucolytic -which is helpful during this time. It nourishes the lung tissue (to put it in simpler terms).

  3. Vitamin C -buffered with bioflavonoids take around 3000mg daily in split dosage and it has an immune boosting effect and also decreases airway irritation.

  4. Optional: Broncofects by Medi-Herb- it works as an expectorant, mucolytic and reduces the irritation of the throat lining.

You can get most of these herbs through my office or online dispensary that is found on my blog under Health products. These products are pharmaceutical grade and you should consult a doctor if you have other health conditions or are taking other medications.

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