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Traveling with Kids

When traveling in our Post-Covid world you may not be flying but you may be going on a car trip that is long just to get out and about. If you have kids, you need to be prepared for the long journey or even the 2 hour one which seems like ages to them. Since we are a family that likes to see things, we are often asked how we make this happen; aka. What is the secret? Well I am going to share that secret and because we have found it so simple- this will turn out to be one of my shortest blogs. When I say simple, I don’t mean there will be no fighting or whining just that it will be at a tolerable level. Also, this excludes some childhood conditions that some parents must brave that our girls do not currently show signs of.

  1. Snack – most children are naturally very schedule (even if it isn’t your desired schedule) based and if you hear them whining in the back and look at the clock, it’s probably lunch time but you still have 1 hour to make the destination. This is where some healthy small snacks come in handy. Here are some of my food favorites:

    1. Blueberries – not juicy and finger food so takes them longer to eat – time killer.

    2. Rice crackers – in the solid form not the rice puffs that cracks - like the kind your mother eats that have a million pieces like popcorn (way to messy to clean up).

    3. Cucumber slices – my kids like the rings but it is dealer’s choice (provides hydration that doesn’t lead to urination every 10 minutes).

  2. Books – we take but hard copy books and magazines (remember to pack ones you don’t mind losing or forgetting at the hotel or grandma’s house).

  3. Audio Books – I split these two up because they feel very different to the kids and this can be a great way to entertain without more screen time. Your local library even has APPS with some audio books. 2 APPS: Hoopla and rbdigital

  4. Toys – never leave home without the cherished toy. For us, it’s a stuffed koala and giraffe which you will see them with in this picture and they look like they have been loved too much.

  5. Drawing material – this can be in any form like a boogie board, paper and crayon on a clipboard or a pen on pad or coloring book,. Notice I stayed away from the iPad drawer to reduce screen time.

  6. LAST RESORT- iPad or movie on phone – we save this for times where we know we are pushing nap time or bedtime or they have to wear a mask for a long time waiting etc. This way when they do get a little time, it feels like a treat and is very effective.

Happy traveling and remember to stay safe and have fun!

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